Groundswell has gone to graduate school!


While working at nurseries in the early 2000's, customers started asking me to come to their gardens to consult with them about how to make their outdoors spaces more beautiful and healthy.  This grew into a business that I eventually called Groundswell Garden Design. 

I consider myself a “boutique” garden designer as I work very intimately with my clients to build a garden that suits their needs and feels like an authentic extension of their lives. Plants and design elements are carefully chosen to reflect the unique desires and aesthetics of its owners, so that no two gardens I design are alike.

Some of what I do falls under the heading of  “coaching” where I work side-by-side with people to teach them better ways to create and tend their gardens. We visit nurseries together, we prune plants together, we put things in the ground together - it’s very rewarding to see my clients blossom into confident gardeners. 

I also do indoor plantscaping and container design. There are very few places that cannot be greatly enhanced by the addition of lush plants, beautiful pots and natural elements such as stone or wood.

I believe that gardens are an evolution, not an event. Walk with me through the creative process of building a garden that is beautiful and bountiful. My experience in horticulture and background in the arts come together in thoughtful plant selections and striking combinations of color and texture.

- A. Pierce, Owner and Designer

Oak Grove
South Tabor

there is always hope in the garden


Groundswell is not accepting new clients until mid 2022. Thank you for your patience.

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